Our Northern Queens

Queens are produced from colonies surviving at least two winters, with its original queen, in good health. We select from three lineages of bees; VP Queens VSH Carniolan (Spartan) lineage , and Washington State University Caucasian lineage.  Our survivor lineage is produced from a diverse mix of local queens produced by us and local, resident beekeepers as  well as swarms captured from naturalized colonies (colonies established in bee trees, barns, etc. for several seasons).


Breeder queens, June – July mated, drone parent queens and queen cells are
Northern climate acclimated, VSH , Northern Lights queens.

Breeder queen(s)                                     $150.00 ea.
Breeder queens are instrumental inseminated.

Mated Queen(s)                                       $50.00 ea.
Drone Parent Queen(s)                        $25.00 ea.
Virgin Queen(s)                                        $20.00 ea.
Queen Cell(s)                                             $8.00 ea.

Local pick-up only, available starting middle of May, produced from Northern acclimated, VSH , Northern Lights breeder queens.

Pick-up or shipment beginning June through the end of August.

Clipped $2.50 ea. / Marked $2.50 ea.

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** Add tax rate where received and shipping on all queen purchases**

Make arrangements with us to place your virgin queen(s) or cell(s) in our enhanced drone congregation area (EDCA) to increase desired traits and behaviors acclimated to our northern environment in your queen(s).

Beekeepers interested in queen insemination and breeding services tailored to their beekeeping interests, contact us.

Purchaser is responsible for all shipping charges:
Queen Shipping Charges (Priority Express Mail includes insurance & handling)
Note: Due to post office delivering late when shipped by Priority mail, all queen orders will be shipped by Priority Express with one or two day delivery.

Queen Shipping Charges (UPS Charges – NO insurance)

If you request split shipment, you must pay shipping for each shipment.

  • All orders for nucs need to be placed and paid in full between the fourth Thursday of November (Thanksgiving) through the 3rd week in March of the new year.
  • Queens are shipped in a “battery” type package, caged queens with separate sugar fondant / pollen/ water block and nurse bees free within package to pick up food / water stores to feed and care for queens.
  • Queen(s) and cell(s) purchases can be paired with nuc and / or colony purchases w/ delivery no additional charge.
  • Purchaser is responsible for packaging and shipping prices not included in listed pricing.
  • Contact us prior to placing order if transferring to ware wooden ware purchased through us.
  • Arrangements can be made for local pick-up.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.