About Our Northern Bees & Season

Our northern acclimated bees and queens are from colonies established throughout the Finger Lakes, eastern shore of Lake Ontario and the west side of the Tug Hill Plateau regions of upstate New York. They are selected for and well adapted to these regions seasonal cycles, weather conditions, forage (native, ornamental and agricultural), pests and diseases.

We produce queens, drones, nucs and colonies primarily over seven, eight day cycles (June and July) each season. We do have some flexibility with our queen, nuc and colony distribution schedule depending on the weather and build-up of our colonies. Our goal is to produce the best quality possible combined with excellent service. Because we stand by our commitment to quality, we won’t sacrifice your new queens, nucs and colonies quality to meet a shipping date. We will do our best to work with you on a shipping date.

Distribution pick-up and shipping dates are set based on the order purchases are received. Mated and drone laying queens are on their nests a minimum of 21 days before pick-up and shipping. We will contact you when your queen(s), nuc(s) and / or colonies are established and to set a pick-up / shipping date following the 21 day laying queen window.

June – July nucs come with northern acclimated / VSH Carniolan queen, Renaissance.
Over-wintered nucs come with Caucasian / VSH Carniolan queen, Midnite.

June – July mated queens are Caucasian / VSH Carniolan queen, Midnite.
Drone laying queens and queens cells are VSH Carniolan.
Renaissance queens are available with our June – July nucs only.

Nucs purchased during our primary distribution period are available for pick-up or shipment  beginning June through the end of July.
Over-wintered nucs are available for pick-up or shipment beginning at the end of March.
All orders for nucs and queens need to be placed and paid in full between the fourth  Thursday of November (Thanksgiving) through the end of January of the new year.

We also manage and sell additional colonies, queens throughout New York, Michigan, Ohio, Western and Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts where the bee’s upstate New York heritage has served them equally well.

We encourage other neighboring states with locations within 500 “air radius miles” of Canandaigua, NY to consider our bees and services for their apiary.