Honeybee Stewardship & About Us

Honeybee stewardship…

For us, Honeybee stewardship depends on the presence of all necessary resources for honeybee success and the absence or control of adverse factors. Recognizing the Honeybee struggle led to concerns for their welfare since Honeybee health and habitat are largely affected by us.

Stewardship involves responsibility for something and also responsibility to someone. This can mean responsibility to the Honeybee to ensure their success for future generations. Beekeepers need to act as stewards, responsible for the Honeybees well being. We also have responsibilities to society considering much of the food we enjoy depends on its relationship with Honeybees. We live in times with different groups of beekeepers having different expectations of their Honeybees, but as beekeepers we are well placed to support stewardship for Honeybee welfare.

About us…

We are Certified Naturally Grown (CNG). Our colony management and raw honey processing practice adhere to requirements established by CNG.

Our colonies are not treated with miticids, antibiotics or any other chemical based treatments as part of our colony management practice. Emergency treatment conditions (from queen failure, excessively high mite loads, brood disease, etc. from drift) due to close proximity to colonies of poor health and management, the use of organic treatments approved by CNG are applied only to re-gain colony health when needed.

Our pest and disease management training and application practices adhere to strategies and best practices established by NY Bee Wellness.

Support us in our effort to promote and establish Honeybee stewardship as well as form better beekeeper – grower – pollinator partnerships for a healthier, more productive and equitable apicultural future.